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No one likes to think that a serious personal injury will happen to them or anyone that they love. Sadly, people in Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding communities experience devastating and life-altering injuries every day. This is especially tragic when another party caused the injuries due to negligent or criminal behavior, and you and your family are the ones who must suffer the consequences of it.

At Paul Byrd Law Firm, it’s our job to help hold responsible parties accountable for their devastating actions. We do this by filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. It’s only right that the person who caused the injuries in the first place pay for your medical expenses, time missed from work, and other costs associated with the incident.

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Personal injury attorney Paul Byrd has represented people suffering from all types of injuries for more than a quarter of a century. He has the most experience with successful lawsuits in the following injury categories:

Car wrecks: In 2017, the Arkansas State Police and Highway Safety Department reported nearly 60,000 accidents throughout the state. Approximately 600, or one percent, of these car accidents had a fatal income. The tally includes everything from minor fender-benders to severe accidents reported to the police. Thousands of Arkansas residents sustained permanent and life-altering injuries such as a traumatic brain injury or paralysis. While the total number of car wrecks decreased slightly from the previous year, those involving drunk or distracted drivers increased.

Big truck accidentsDrivers of 18-wheelers as well as their employers have the legal and moral obligation to ensure safe operation of these enormous trucks. Unfortunately, some employers push drivers to continue working when they’re deprived of sleep, fail to properly maintain their fleet, and commit other illegal or negligent acts that compromise public safety. Drivers themselves may choose to get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs, drive too fast, drive an overloaded truck, or one of many other unsafe practices. Determining liability in these cases is often more challenging than a typical car accident due to the number of parties that could potentially have liability.

Nursing home abuse: Adult children and other family members often feel tremendously guilty about having to place an elderly relative in a nursing home. The decision comes only after realizing the family can’t properly care for the older person at home. One thing that makes it easier is knowing the older adult will receive better care. It’s devastating for families when this doesn’t happen and staff of the nursing home abuse their relative instead. Improper restraint, neglect of hygiene, food deprivation, physical abuse, and sexual abuse are just some possible types of nursing home abuse.

Defective products: The designer and manufacturer of a product must ensure that it’s safe to use before releasing it for sale to the public. Retailers also have an obligation not to display or sell unsafe products in their store. Even when an injured person used a product exactly as directed, these parties often attempt to claim operator error. Attorney Paul Byrd will research design and manufacturing flaws, product labeling, and any other potential form of negligence to prove that you’re not responsible for causing your own injuries and you deserve compensation for them.

Equipment and construction accidents: If you work in the construction industry, no one has to tell you that it’s one of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. Thousands of construction workers die and receive significant injuries every year due to malfunctioning equipment or the negligence of employers or clients. For example, your employer must provide you with strong scaffolding to stand on when completing jobs at high altitude. A faulty piece of scaffolding could quickly result in a fall of several hundred feet. You should also have access to complete safety equipment such as a hard hat, eye and ear protection, and steel-toed boots.

You’re entitled to file a claim for workers’ compensation in Arkansas any time you’re injured on the job. If you feel dissatisfied with the medical care your employer will pay for or feel that the partial wages you receive are inadequate to meet your needs, you may wish to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit as well.

Seat belt failure: Arkansas enforces very strict laws when it comes to seat belt use. Adults in the front seat of a vehicle must wear a full lap belt while children must ride in an approved car seat for their age, height, and weight. When you do everything right to protect your family’s safety, you expect that auto manufacturers will create seat belts that work properly as well. Unfortunately, a seat belt can break apart upon impact, the latch may suddenly break, or the retractor fails to tighten in an accident.

Tire failure: Automobile manufacturers must ensure that all four tires of a vehicle have enough air, the proper treading, and several other safety features before attempting to sell that vehicle. Sadly, some manufacturers put profit ahead of safety and attempt to disguise known defects to get the vehicle to market as fast as possible. The results of this decision are often tragic.

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The above represent just some of the types of cases that personal injury attorney Paul Byrd deals with every day. You don’t have to worry if you don’t see your specific type of injury since he has more than 25 years of experience representing injured people. We invite you to contact Paul Byrd Law Firm in Little Rock to request your complimentary appointment. You may contact us at 501-420-3050. Not only do you not pay for the consultation, you also don’t pay any legal fees unless Mr. Byrd obtains a winning settlement in your lawsuit. You would then pay a percentage from your proceeds to your attorney.

Your injury has already had too big of an impact on your life. It’s time you received compensation for your ongoing suffering.

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